Open Space Information

Raccoon Creek in the Fall
Raccoon Creek

Granville Township has an Open Space Acquisition program supported by a property tax levy approved by the voters. Based upon recommendations of a committee made up of a cross-section of Village and Township residents the Trustees are continuing to either acquire the title or purchase the development rights on properties to prevent them from being developed in the future. These acquisitions are designed to maintain open vistas and at the same time limit development. 

In order to make a purchase the Trustees must find willing property owners. Purchase prices offered are based upon independent appraisal of the land or the development rights to be purchased. Sometimes property owners do not wish to transfer any of their rights regardless of the dollars offered.

Kennedy-Rader Property
Kennedy-Rader Property

Recent purchases include development rights on the 199.25 acre O’Neill property in the transportation view shed near the entrance to the Village on Lancaster Road, 185 acres on the Breymaier property on North Street, and 94.18 acres on the Wolfe property on Loudon Street.

The Breymaier, Wolfe and O’Neill properties continue as agricultural use property, insuring the payment of local property taxes.